Koktajl Odżywczy Herbalife delikatna czekolada 550g

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Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1 Shake

• Supported by scientific knowledge, developed by nutrition experts.

• Replacing one main meal per day with a low calorie diet with a weight management meal helps to maintain weight after losing weight *.

• Formula 1 without gluten, soy and lactose, prepared in accordance with the recommendations on the label, will allow us to prepare a cocktail without these allergens.


How often do you skip breakfast or grab a cup of coffee and bun on the run to prevent an attack of hunger in the morning? Once a week? Twice? Daily? After an overnight fast, breakfast provides the energy your body needs to kick off in the morning - no wonder it's called the most important meal of the day.

Herbalife Nutrition's Healthy Breakfast tastes great, is packed with nutrients, and requires no effort to prepare. What's more, you can adapt them to your needs! Herbalife Shakes are the perfect calorie meal replacement  . We offer  original Herbalife nutritional shakes.



  • Formula 1 nutritional shakes are a meal replacement and help people who want to lose weight achieve their goal.
  • Scientific background: Clinical studies show that the daily use of meal replacement shakes as part of a calorie-restricted diet, combined with moderate exercise, is an effective means of weight management.
  • Calories under control: 220 kcal per serving Rich in soy and whey protein (18 g per serving)


It is very important to maintain a nutritionally balanced diet when trying to lose or maintain weight. A healthy meal like the Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1 smoothie helps you control your caloric intake while providing essential vitamins and minerals, as well as carbohydrates and protein for gradual energy release and satiety.



Enjoy the Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1 Shake daily as a healthy meal. Mix two tablespoons of powder (26 grams) with 250 ml of skimmed (low-fat) milk.

-When you want to control your weight: Replace two meals a day with this delicious shake and eat one nutritionally balanced meal.

-When you want to eat healthy: Replace one meal a day with Formula 1 shake and eat two nutritionally balanced meals





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